Jen Blair

Jen Blair

The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association.


My name is Jen Blair and I am running for my second term on the AHA Governing Committee. As a current member of the Governing Committee, I serve as the Chair of the Industry subcommittee as well as participate in projects such as assisting with the Zymurgy archive and speaking at virtual homebrew club meetings and Homebrew Con Online. I am also on the Homebrew Con Seminar Selection subcommittee, where my focus is on increasing the diversity and inclusion of our Homebrew Con speakers and topics.

I have been homebrewing for several years and my favorite styles to brew are malt-forward styles. My current mission is to introduce everyone to a smoked beer they enjoy. My favorite parts of the homebrew community are the knowledge sharing and enthusiasm for making the best beers possible. During the pandemic, I have had the opportunity to attend virtual homebrew club meetings across the country in locations such as Colorado, Montana, Missouri, and Virginia, and the passion for homebrewing and supporting fellow homebrewers is universal and inspiring.

Outside of my participation in the AHA, I am passionate about beer and brewing, particularly in making it approachable and welcoming for everyone. I am an Advanced Cicerone and National BJCP Judge and am currently pursuing both my Master Cicerone and Master BJCP certifications. Being a huge nerd about sensory, specifically beer sensory, I am also currently completing the UC-Davis Applied Sensory and Consumer Science certificate program.

My passion for teaching people about beer extends to my full-time job at New Realm Brewing Company, where I am the Beer Program Coordinator and focus on beer education for both employees and customers. Prior to joining New Realm, I was the Executive Director of the Craft Maltsters Guild and focused on bringing awareness to the craft malt movement. Because raising awareness of beer as an agricultural product is an important issue to me, I continue to serve on the Craft Maltsters Guild Technical Working Group. I also serve as the Chapter Leader of the Atlanta Pink Boots Society and a mentor in the Road to 100 Cicerone Certified Beer Server program, both of which I joined to increase participation and visibility of women in the brewing community. I am the co-host of False Bottomed Girls, a podcast about making beer and brewing approachable and fun for all levels of beer enthusiasts.

When re-elected, I will continue to support the AHA staff as well as our membership. Additionally, I will continue to seek out opportunities to increase participation and visibility of underrepresented groups in our homebrew community. Having the opportunity to serve the homebrew community through my service on the Governing Committee has been one of my most rewarding accomplishments. I thank you for your time and consideration and hope I have earned your confidence and vote for a second term.