Dates & Deadlines

Dates & Deadlines

Please reference these important Dates & Deadlines as the competition progresses. If you still have questions, check out our FAQ Page for more information.

Through January 22

Update AHA Account

Members must make sure their contact information and address is up to date on their member record prior to registering, and they are actively subscribed to NHC emails. Subscribe to NHC emails or scroll to the bottom of the page “Stay Updated.”

January 23 to January 30

Application Window

AHA Members are emailed a username (email address) and password to apply to competition, request the amount of beers they’d like to enter and choose their judging locations. The confirmation email they receive does not mean you are in the competition. Please review the confirmation email to ensure all information is accurate.

February 1 to February 4

Placement Process

Entrants are placed in First Round site location and number of entries accepted. Entrants will be notified by February 15 of placement in competition and required to pay for their entries upon notification.

By February 15

Acceptance & Payment Period

Entrants are notified of acceptance by February 15 to the competition and should log into their brewing profile on Entrants have 72 hours to pay for their entries from the time they receive a confirmation email. Failing to do so will result in disqualification.

February 8

All Volunteer Sign-up Opens

Sign up to volunteer as a judge or steward in any of the First Round competitions AND the Final Round competition.

February 13 to March 30

Entry Edits

Log in to the competition website to update/edit your entries.

March 19 to March 30

First Round Shipping Window

Competition beers due to your respected First Round site Shipping/Drop-off location.

April 6 to April 22

First Round Judging

First Round judging for all 12 competition sites. Check the Status Table for more information.

April 27

First Round Results Posted

All First Round results will be posted by this date. Results will be posted as competitions conclude.

April 27 (delayed)

First Round Letters, Instructions and Certificates

All entrants can access their First Round Post-Competition packet in their brewing profile, which includes information for those advancing to the Final Round.

May 9

First Round Scoresheets Emailed

Entry scoresheets from First Round emailed to entrants by this date.

May 9 (delayed)

First Round Ribbon Mailing

All First Round ribbons mailed out to winning entrants by this date. Please allow 7-10 business days for your ribbon(s) to arrive.

May 9 to June 22

Final Round Competition Entry Edits

Final Round entrants must go into their brewer’s profile and provide their recipe(s). Entrants cannot edit entries (i.e. category, special ingredients, etc.).

June 11 to June 22

Final Round Shipping Window

Competition entries due to Final Round site Shipping/Drop-off location. Entries arriving after this date are subject to disqualification.

June 28

Final Round Judging

Final Round judging at Homebrew Con.

June 30

Awards Ceremony

NHC Awards Ceremony at Homebrew Con. The complete Final Round winners list will be posted after the Awards Ceremony concludes.

July 13

Final Round Scoresheets, Letters and Prizes

All Final Round entrants’ scoresheets and letters emailed. Prizes mailed. Please allow 7-10 business days for your prize package to arrive.