AHA Director testifies on behalf of Colorado homebrew bill

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NHC Director gary glass

On Thursday, January 28, American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Director Gary Glass, along with Quirky Homebrew shop owner Gregory Radziewicz, testified before the Colorado House Business Affairs and Labor Committee on behalf of House Bill 16-1084, sponsored by State Representative Steve Lebsock. This bill updates some antiquated language in the existing homebrew statute, which currently states that “a head of family may produce, for family use…malt beverage or malt or vinous liquor…”  HB16-1084 changes “head of family” to “adult” and “family use” to “personal use.”

The new language proposed in HB16-1084 reflects the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division’s (LED) current interpretation of the law; thus, if passed, the bill will not have any immediate impact on the state’s homebrewers. However, the clarification in language by this bill could help ensure that Colorado’s homebrewers do not run into issues with alternative interpretations of the arcane language in the existing statute by future leadership within the Liquor Enforcement Division.

The members of the Colorado House Business Affairs and Labor Committee voted unanimously to pass the bill on to the full House. If passed by that chamber, the bill will move on to the state Senate.