Household Membership Dues to Increase Aug. 1

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Starting Monday, August 1, Household Membership dues will see a modest increase. Join or renew today to secure current pricing for household members. See below for details and frequently asked questions.

Current Annual Household Dues
1 Add’l Member +$22
2 Add’l Members +$44
3 Add’l Members +$66
Lifetime (up to 3 Add’l Members) +$150 per person
New Annual Household Dues (Starting Aug. 1, 2016)
1 Add’l Member +$30
2 Add’l Members +$60
3 Add’l Members +$90
Lifetime (up to 3 Add’l Members) +$200 per person

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So this increase is just for Household Membership dues?

Yes, just the Household Membership class.

If I renew my Household Membership early, does that mean I’m essentially paying twice for the remainder of my membership term?

Don’t worry, your renewal will start from your current expiration date.

Wait, why are Household Membership dues going up?

This modest dues increase is happening because we need to keep pace with the rising costs of delivering awesome benefits.

We really, really don’t like to raise dues—even slightly—but if we didn’t do so, we’d eventually have to cut corners on benefits or start losing money, which wouldn’t be good for anyone.

Fortunately, come August 1, the cost of an AHA Household Membership will still be quite reasonable, and if you join or renew today, it’s basically a steal.

Are there any other dues increases on the horizon?

No. The AHA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the hobby of homebrewing, protecting your right to brew and supporting the amazing community of homebrewers. We’re not in it for the money, and increasing dues is not something we do willy-nilly.

I love the AHA and no Household Membership dues increase will change how I feel.

Aw shucks. That’s not really a question, but we appreciate the sentiment!

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