BrewDog Releases All Beer Recipes for Homebrewers

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“Many of the classic BrewDog beers were developed during our home-brewing days, and we still use a 50L system to develop new beers and new recipes here at BrewDog.” – James Watt,

The founders of Scottish brewery BrewDog trace their beer making roots back to a small homebrew system and a thirst for interesting and flavorful beer that they otherwise couldn’t get their hands on commercially. Today, BrewDog has over 500 employees and brews over 100,000 barrels a beer.

Paying homage to their homebrewing origins, BrewDog is releasing the recipes for every single beer they’ve ever produced…for free!

Head over to to access the recipes.

DIY DOG from BrewDog on Vimeo.