Author Topic: Why do YOU keg?  (Read 14518 times)

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Re: Why do YOU keg?
« Reply #45 on: July 06, 2013, 04:56:02 PM »
I'm a bottler and that's fine with me. I only brew small batches, so the time investment in bottling isn't that bad for me. I have a workflow that works into my lifestyle pretty well. The main pros that would have me interested in kegging are the cool factor and the lack of sediment when serving my homebrew to friends. But since that generally only happens a couple of times a year, that's not enough to justify the initial expense to either myself or the wife. I'm eyeing a tap-a-draft system, though. Seems like a reasonable way to meet my needs.
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Re: Why do YOU keg?
« Reply #46 on: July 07, 2013, 04:28:53 AM »
I me because I was tired if also of the bottles laying around and takin up space.  I also like the fact I can carbonate a beer in two days as opposed to four weeks though I will keep bottle conditioning my Belgian styles.

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Re: Why do YOU keg?
« Reply #47 on: July 07, 2013, 05:22:36 PM »
  While we can be bombarded with information on what is the "best" way to brew--a decent amount of it conflicting--we demonstrate by our actions what we believe.  Brewing and debating brewing is sometimes governed more by emotion than logic or science.

I cannot agree more. Ask any brewer and they will probably have their own unique process, but they all (or most) work just fine. For instance: I was once chided at a meeting for using bleach to sanitize my equipment, I was told it was evil and would ruin my beers. Well, guess what: I've brewed 130+ beers now sanitizing with bleach with no problems. I rinse thoroughly. That person's sanitizing method works for him, mine works for me. He spends more money on sanitizer than I do.

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Re: Why do YOU keg?
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Kegging just fits the whole brewing process.  I REALLY enjoy brewing.  I brew two to three times a month.  I would brew more but this by far surpasses my consumption and sharing levels so bottles are working their way back into the process.  I use the kegs as secondaries to dry hop in, as bright tanks, aging and conditioning, etc.  They are easier to work with and store once you get past the primary fermentation in a carboy or bucket.  And then the best part, which is serving awesome homebrew from them!  I have started utilizing three gallon kegs and bottling the remainder of a five gallon cornie with some brews.  Both are easier to transport for sharing and enjoying away from home.  It just depends on the situation.  I have to say the reaction and cool factor when showing up with a keg to share is always awesome!

Whether your kegging or bottling, the cleaning process in brewing is I think the biggest challenge.  While I think I can always improve on in my brewing processes, I have started to spend more time on making the "clean and sterilized" processes better as well.
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