2011 Honeycrisp Celebration

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Roger Kee of Everett, WA, member of the Greater Everett Brewers League, won a gold medal in Category #27: Standard Cider and Perry during the 2012 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in Seattle, WA. Kee’s Standard Cider and Perry was chosen as the best among 115 final round entries in the category and helped earn the 2012 NHC Cidermaker of the Year title.

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2011 Honeycrisp Celebration | Cider and Perry


  • For 20 Gallons (75.71 L)
    • 22 gallons (83 liters) Minea Farms Pressed Apple Juice (Woodinville, WA) 50% Honeycrisp blended with Gala, Braebrun and Granny Smith
    • 3 Vials White Labs WLP775 English Cider yeast (4 L 1.020 starter: 2 L filtered water+ 2 L Gala apple juice)
    • 1 g Wyeast Yeast Energizer
    • 1 g White Labs WLN 1000 nutrient, stir plate until 100% attenuated about 8 days at 66° F (19° C)
    • 22 Campden tablets
    • Sorbate
    • Potassium Sulfite
    • Super-Kleer to clarify (if necessary)


    • Original Gravity: 1.06
    • Final Gravity: 1.02
    • ABV: 5.30%
    • SRM: 3


    1. Strict Sanitation protocols on all equipment and containers (diluted Starsan spray and soak buckets).  Thaw juice three days at ambient temperatures of 55° (13° C) and treat with one powdered Campden tablet per gallon.  Transfer juice to fermenter.  Save 1 gallon of juice and refrigerate.  Allow three days for Campden to off-gas and settle; set temp to 50° F (10° C).  Add 1/2 gallon juice (1.89 L) to the crashed yeast after decanting out starter medium.  Add half of the total nutrient/energizer and spin on a stir plate to incorporate the additions into a slurry.  Save 1/2 gallon juice for later addition.  Add last half nutrient to this and gently shake and refrigerate.  Oxygenate juice for three minutes using diffusion stone.  Ferment at 65° F (18° C).  After a lag phase (about two days) with signs of steady fermentation, add last 1/2 gallon of juice that contains the last half of the nutrient.  Let fermentation complete (about 16 days).  Check and dump lees as needed.  Check gravity and ensure finish.  Crash to 40° F (4° C), age eight more days and taste.  Adjust balance and structure of final product with homemade Honeycrisp juice concentrate, malic acid, Meyer lemon juice, wine tannin, or tannic apple concentrate (Golden Russet).  Stabilize with 3 tsb sorbate, 1/2 tsb metabisulfate and 1/8 tsb potassium sulfite (about half recommended amount of these).  Age another 30 days in bulk at 40° F (4° C).  Transfer and rack once to ensure calrity.  Use Super Kleer if needed.  Force Carbonate to 2.5 volumes for final and package.
    2. Primary fermentation for 1 month at 65° F (18° C).
    3. Forced CO2 to carbonate (2.5 vol).