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Since 1978, the American Homebrewers Association has been empowering people to make the best beer, cider, and mead in the world!

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Member-only access to 800+ recipes, 400+ seminars, 20+ years of magazine archives.


Since 1978, we’ve worked towards homebrew legalization in all 50 states. After achieving this goal in 2013, we continue to work for fair laws for homebrewers across the country.


Enjoy 2,500+ discounts at your favorite craft breweries, restaurants, and homebrew supply shops.


The AHA facilitates the National Homebrew Competition, the largest amateur beer competition in the world, with 9,800+ entries judged each year.

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The Brew Guru app is worth the dues by itself. We [find] breweries and brewpubs when we travel and the discounts more than pay for the cost of membership.

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I’m a member because I want to support an organization that promotes a hobby I love.


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It’s like the cost of one big batch makes me part of a larger community.


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