Milk Stout with Pumpkin, Coffee & Vanilla

Tapping into the pumpkin beer phenomenon that dominates the fall months, Sean Gallagher, from Orange County, Calif., created this beer recipe that pays homage to all those who fall head over heels for everything pumpkin. After researching and sourcing information to create the recipe, he tweaked it a couple of times to get it where it is now.

Sean’s been homebrewing for about three years now, and still considers himself rather new to the hobby. He made the switch to all grain at the beginning of 2015. This pumpkin beer recipe is the first recipe he crafted entirely on his own, having previously only made other people’s recipes with minor tweaks.

The vanilla and pumpkin spices compliment each other really well, and the coffee helps balance the beer and bring everything together in one delicious sip. Brew it now and have it ready for the holidays!

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