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New Glarus Brewing Belgian Red Ale

This Belgian red ale was formulated by Amahl Turczyn, Zymurgy associate editor, in homage to New Glaurus’ Wisconsin Belgian Red. The homebrew recipe uses Knudsen Just Tart Cherry juice for that classic Wisconsin cherry flavor.

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New Glarus Brewing Belgian Red Ale | Fruit Beer


  • For 5 gallons (19 L)
    • 5 lb (2.27 kg) 2-row pale malt
    • 2 lb (0.91 lg) Wheat malt
    • 6 oz (170 g) Crystal 40L malt
    • 0.5 oz (14 g) Belgian roast barley
    • 4 qt (3.79 L) Knudsen Just Tart Cherry juice
    • 1 oz (28 g) Hallertau hops, aged for 1 year (60 min)
    • 0.25 oz (7 g) Boiled, toasted oak chips (optional)
    • Belgian Wheat Ale yeast or Ale yeast


    • Original Gravity: 1.057
    • Final Gravity: 1.007-1.012
    • IBU: 8.6


    Mash grains at 156° F (69° C) for one hour. Sparge and lauter to collect 4.5 gallons (17 L). Add hops and boil one hour. Chill 4 gallons (15 L) wort to fermentation temperature, pitch yeast and ferment at 65° F (18.3° C).

    When terminal gravity has been reached, rack aproximately 4 gallons (15 L) finished beer onto 1 gallon (3.79 L) cherry juice. Allow secondary fermentation to commence at 65° F for one week or until finished. Chill to 32-35° F (0-1.6° C) if possible and lager for four to six weeks. Add oak chips during the last week, if using, but monitor the beer closely…you don’t want too much oak flavor to come through. Bottle in heavy Champagne-style 750 mL bottles with 0.75 cup corn sugar per 5-gallon batch, or keg with moderate to high carbonation.

    Partial Extract Substitution Option

    Substitute 4 lb (1.81 kg) light malt extract and 1.5 lb (0.68 kg) wheat malt extract for pale and wheat malts. Steep crushed specialty malts in 150° F (65.5° C) brewing water for 30 minutes, remove, and add malt extracts. Bring to a boil and add hops 60 minutes from end of boil. Top up to 4 gallons (15 L) and chill before pitching yeast and fermenting at 65° F (18.3° C).


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