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Weathered Ground Brewery R.K. Double IPA

This double IPA comes to you from Weathered Ground Brewery in Cool Ridge, W.V. and incorporates flaked wheat and flaked oats into the recipe. According to head brewer Sam Fonda, “It’s one of those IPAs that’s almost a Northeast IPA but not intentionally. We just want it to be super hoppy and the haze is a byproduct of that.”

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Weathered Ground Brewery R.K. Double IPA | Imperial IPA


  • For 10 gallons
    • 22 lb Pale malt
    • 3 lb Munich Light (German) malt
    • 2 lb Flaked Oats
    • 0.5 lb Flaked Wheat
    • 1.5 oz Simcoe hops (30 min)
    • 2 oz Simcoe hops (5 min)
    • 2 oz Citra hops (flameout)
    • 2 oz Amarillo hops (5 min into whirlpool)
    • 4 oz El Dorado hops (10 min into whirlpool)
    • 2 oz Simcoe hops (10 min into whirlpool)
    • 4 oz El Dorado hops (dry)
    • 3 oz Simcoe hops (dry)
    • White Labs WLP007 yeast


    • Original Gravity: 1.077 (18.6 P)
    • Final Gravity: 1.104 (3.5 P)
    • ABV: 8.3%
    • Efficiency: 81%


    Before brew day, get a yeast starter going.

    Mash at 152° F for 70-80 minutes. Sparge at 175° F. Conduct a 60 minute boil, following the hop additions as listed in the ingredients. Chill to 68° F and pitch yeast. Keep fermentation under 72° F.

    After primary fermentation is complete, dry hop in primary for 10 days (no longer than 14 days). Due to the heavy dry hopping, cap the fermenter and cold condition for a few days before kegging, or rack to a 2nd keg after cold conditioning the first keg for 1-2 days. If bottling, you may want to use a secondary fermenter to reduce the chance of clogging the bottle filler.

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