How to Make Ricotta Cheese at Home

By Megan Wabst, American Homebrewers Association

Ricotta is a fluffy cheese made from milk fats. It’s easy to make at home and stores well!

From stuffed pasta and savory dips to cheesecakes and pancakes, ricotta has many uses in the kitchen. Follow along below and learn how t make ricotta at home.

Making Ricotta is Simple

Ricotta is one of the easiest cheeses to make at home. It is a simple cheese recipe that only requires three main ingredients: milk, acidity, and salt.


The best milk to use when making ricotta is whole, full-fat milk. Ultra-pasteurized milk does not lend itself well to ricotta cheesemaking and should be avoided.


Acidity in ricotta is typically derived from lemon juice or vinegar. Lemon juice will provide a slightly sweet tartness, making for ricotta cheese that is good on its own or in desserts. …

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