How to Make Sake at Home

By Amahl Turczyn, American Homebrewers Association

Making authentic sake might seem intimidating for those who have never tried it before, but the process is really no more complex than brewing all-grain beer. The hardest part is timing, planning, and doing everything in the proper order. If you are handy with scheduling, it should not be a problem; my preference is to write out the whole process on a calendar, detailing amounts, times, and temperatures during the entire five-week process.

Google Calendar is great for this purpose; you can add an entry for each step (e.g. Day 6: 6am—stir shubo mash; 6pm—prepare for hatsuzoe) with detailed instructions to follow within each entry. Each stage involves measuring and then chilling or freezing a portion of water; measuring and soaking a portion of koji; and finally, washing, soaking, steaming, chilling, and …

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