The Beer Off-Flavor Series: Acetaldehyde

This is part 1 in The Beer Off-Flavor Series by Drew Beechum.

* * *

Acetaldehyde is a compound formed during fermentation as a precursor to alcohol. It’s also a very common off-flavor in beer!

While it’s acceptable in subtle levels in some styles of beers (e.g.. American light lager), brewers typically set out to keep acetaldehyde undetectable.

Do you think you already have acetaldehyde? Jump down to the fixes.

Key Indicators

Tasters commonly report these characteristics when detecting acetaldehyde:

Excessively fruity Green apple, cider Solvent, paint thinner

Causes & Prevention

What causes acetaldehyde? How do you prevent acetaldehyde? Find out the common causes and how to prevent …

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