Pat Lehr’s Royal Cruiser

Okay, so Pimp My System may imply to some that we at the AHA show up at your house and rebuild your brewing apparatus to make it as beautiful as it is functional.  How sweet would that be?  Much like a TV program of a similar name, we’d send out a team to remodel not just your brewing system, but your garage as well.   The AHA-Mobile screeches to a halt in front of your house and our crack team starts welding and fabricating and polishing.  Forty-eight hours later, a brand new mini-brewery sits where a  decrepit Igloo cooler,  a turkey fryer, and some  Christmas decorations used to be parked.  

We’d all watch that show, right?  Unfortunately, we are a non-profit and we can barely afford to pay our interns.  Thus, we rely on you, the reader, to provide us with pimped-out systems for the viewing pleasure of our members.

With this in mind, consider the Millennium Falcon.  Ugly, cumbersome, battered and scarred by blaster fire, it nevertheless made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.  As Han Solo remarks, “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.”  Many of our homebrewers have a Millennium Falcon in their garage/brew shack/basement.  Not pretty, but very, very good in the hands of a great pilot.

Pat Lehr of Flushing, MI has something a little better.  What the Millennium Falcon is to regular brewing systems, Pat’s setup is a Naboo Royal Cruiser: sleek, streamlined, and very, very pretty.  What Pat has created in his shop is what we’d want our builds to look like in the televised version of Pimp My System.  This system is jaw-dropping gorgeous.  

Our boy Pat designed, built, and put this beauty to work as a novice brewer.  That’s right, Pat’s only been doing this for a little over a year.  He designed this system for himself when he decided to start homebrewing.  Go figure, Pat is a custom car fabricator in his non-brewing life.


Once you tear your eyes away from this setup, you begin to wonder what Pat has hidden behind the plastic sheeting.  We are hoping it is a Mecha-Fraulein.   


Even the frame is a work of art.  Seriously, this cart is nicer than Charlie Papazian’s car.


Picture-perfect, Pat.  Have a homebrew – you’ve earned it.

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