AHA Governing Committee Monthly Meeting Summary: November 2021

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Here is a summary of the November meeting of your American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee (GC).

  • The Governing Committee thanked John Moorhead, who is leaving the AHA, for his seven years of service to the organization. He will be missed
  • Ryan Farrell gave an overview of the 2022 National Homebrewing Competition. There will be a general announcement about the competition and rules for entry from the AHA in the near future.
  • Ryan also gave an update on the AHA staff integration and services. Things like membership services, events coordination, and print/web coordination will be administered by a team of both AHA and BA staff to streamline these efforts and provide better service to AHA members.
  • The search for a new AHA director continues. There are at present 140 candidates for director and the interview process continues. There are several potential finalists and it is hoped that there will be a new AHA director by the end of the year.
  • There are currently four candidates for the three open seats on the AHA Governing Committee as of the time of the monthly meeting. The nomination window remains open until November 30. Potential candidates can either self-nominate of be nominated by someone else.
  • That AHA is looking for proposals for seminars at Homebrew Con 2022 in Pittsburgh.  Seminar proposals are due in January.
  • The AHA and the Governing Committee are working to address some of the issues raised by some of the AHA membership concerning service our membership.
  • The Governing Committee will also be reviewing the topics we discussed at our annual meeting in July.  These topics are listed in the annual meeting notes that are on the AHA website. Some have already been addressed and some will need more discussion.
  • The Governing Committee will be holding an election for a representative to the BA Board of directors.  The AHA has two seats on the board currently occupied by Roxanne Westendorf and Jill Marilley. Jill’s term expires this year.