Brewing with Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer

  • Speaker: Dr. Keith Villa
  • Track: Ingredients
  • Homebrew Con 2022
  • Pittsburgh

The topic of cannabis becomes more popular every year as additional states legalize its medical or recreational use. Many homebrewers have wondered about the possibilities of using hemp or marijuana in a brew.

This seminar covers the major aspects that a homebrewer should consider before experimenting with cannabis.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand some major legal and health issues to be aware of prior to starting
  • Learn the general methods of growing and preparing cannabis in regards to homebrewing
  • Review how to remove alcohol from homebrews for those not wanting to combine alcohol and THC

About the Speaker

After creating Blue Moon and retiring from MillerCoors in January 2018 with 32 years of brewing experience, Keith Villa, alongside his wife and CEO of Ceria Jodi Villa, launched Ceria Brewing Company, dedicated to brewing the finest alcohol-free beers without compromising the taste. Keith developed an innovative and unique brewing method that produces great tasting, authentic, and full-bodied craft beers and results in 0.00% ABV—completely reimagining the alcohol-free and THC-infused beverage categories. Keith is passionate about creating a delicious, satisfying option for the growing mindful imbiber crowd who want to feel relaxed and enjoy social situations, but without the negative effects of alcohol. Keith is also author of a new book on brewing with cannabis titled, Brewing with Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer, which examines the convergence of cannabis and brewing in the modern craft beer movement.

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