Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide

  • Speaker: Ross Koenigs
  • Track: Ingredients
  • Homebrew Con 2022
  • Pittsburgh

This seminar introduces the strange-yet-familiar subject of hemp (cannabis) to homebrewers. Brewers Publications author Ross Koenigs will provide a broad overview of the history of the cannabis plant, the myriad usable products derived from cannabis, and the current state of legality of these products.

With the rise of cannabis legalization, it is important to understand the shifting nature of the cannabis regulatory landscape and how to prepare for emerging opportunities in the space. To that end, this seminar discusses the theory of infusing beers and beverages with cannabinoids and cannabis flavor.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the many uses of cannabis that are relevant to homebrewers
  • Debunk some of the rampant myths and pseudo-science about cannabis
  • Explore the future opportunities in the cannabis beverage space

About the Speaker

Ross Koenigs is a brewer and author who hails from one of the great beer cities of the world, Milwaukee, Wis. He has spent his entire career in craft beer working in all facets of the business, including brewing, packaging, sales, marketing, and distribution.

Ross currently serves as the brewing innovations manager for New Belgium Brewing Co., where he focuses on brewing research and development. During his time at New Belgium, he has racked up numerous Great American Beer Festival medals and thrice developed the industry’s number-one craft beer launch of the year. His work on the Voodoo Ranger portfolio helped turn New Belgium into the largest IPA brewer in the world.

Ross’s work developing The Hemperor, America’s first cannabis-flavored IPA, inspired him to write Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide, which will be published by Brewers Publications in 2022.

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