Make Your Best: Essentials of Recipe Design and Revision

Join Josh Weikert, author of Craft Beer & Brewing‘s “Make Your Best” series, for a tour of beer recipe design approaches, tips, tricks, cheats, and absurdities. This seminar provides you with a practical recipe formulation approach that factors in not only the ingredients but your equipment and processes, discuss methods for incorporating new and/or atypical ingredients, and offer guidance on how to leverage tasting and competition feedback to make meaningful and deliberate improvements to your recipes.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish basic guidelines for recipe design that considers both ingredients and process
  • Develop recipe formulation skills that incorporate new and atypical ingredients
  • Incorporate tasting feedback into a recursive process that keeps recipes fresh and improving

About the Speaker

Josh Weikert took up homebrewing in 2007 as a way to stay sane in grad school, only to discover the new (and much more fun) insanity of the brewing community. He is a founding member of the Stoney Creek Homebrewers, has medaled in every Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) beer category, is a BJCP Grand Master Judge and Certified Cicerone, and was twice the Eastern Pennsylvania Homebrewer of the Year. He is a regular feature writer and columnist for Craft Beer and Brewing, and his work has been featured in Beer Connoisseur, Brew Your Own, and Growler, among other publications. The more than 150 recipes of his “Make Your Best” series for Craft Beer & Brewing continue to provide recipe design guidance to brewers at all levels, and multiple renditions of his recipes have won commercial brewing awards. Josh is a regular speaker and presenter on a wide range of beer and brewing topics at conferences, homebrew club meetings, and backyard barbecues (whether invited or not).

Josh is a professor of politics and lives in Philadelphia, Pa., with his wife, Barbara, who is also an award-winning brewer.

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