Méthode Traditionelle: Brewing in the Champagne Method

Join Annie Johnson as she explores the magnificent symbiosis between beer brewing and sparkling wine production. Discover how you can use the traditional Champagne method to produce amazing Champagne-inspired beers.

Suggested Beer Pairing

DeuS Brut de Flandres from Browerij Bosteels (East Flanders, Belgium).

About the Speaker

Annie Johnson is an award-winning brewer who won the prestigious American Homebrewers Association’s Homebrewer of the Year award in 2013, becoming the first woman in thirty years, and the first African American person ever to ever win the award. In 2012, she won Pilsner Urquell’s Master Homebrewer. Annie is a BJCP National judge and sits on the AHA Governing Committee. She is member of the North Seattle Homebrewers.

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