Parti-gyle Brewing: Party Like It’s 1.099—AND 1.045!

  • Speakers: Andrew Melchers, Mark Brzezinski, Roxanne Westendorf
  • Track: Brewing Process
  • Homebrew Con 2022
  • Pittsburgh

Parti-gyle brewing is an old method, but it’s still used by some breweries today. Learn how to use this method to make two beers in one brew session without adding much time! Learn tips and tricks to select styles, create recipes, make the brew day go smoothly, and customize and adjust your brews. Plus, you’ll get to sample several of our parti-gyle pairs!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what a parti-gyle brew is, plus a very quick history
  • Discuss parti-gyle options, including base case and variants on base case, capping mash, and blending options
  • Understand equipment and process considerations, including amount of grain and grain crush, sparge methods and speed, ratio of split wort, BIAB, one versus two boil kettles, etc.
  • Think about recipe creation—candidate styles—both traditional and non, capping mash, determining grain amounts and using software to handle parti-gyles
  • Hear tips and tricks along the way (including fun club competitions with parti-gyle)

About the Speakers

Andy Melchers is president of the Bloatarian Brewing League, is a national Beer Judge Certification Program judge, and recently qualified for judging at the Great American Beer Festival. His favorite style to brew is saison. He can usually be found running to local breweries or competing in ultra-marathon trail races. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his wife and two children.

Mark Brzezinski was a long-time competition coordinator with the Bloatarian Brewing League and with his recent move to the Washington, D.C., area, he is also a member of the DC Homebrewers. He has brewed parti-gyle batches on a few occasions and recently visited Fuller’s Brewery in London where the technique is still employed. When he is not trying to fill every cabinet in his house with beer glassware, he is doing his best to avoid trees while careening through the woods on his mountain bike.

Roxanne Westendorf has been homebrewing since 1995 after she and her husband received a homebrew kit for Christmas. They joined their local homebrew club, the Bloatarian Brewing League, shortly after starting, and the rest is history! Roxanne enjoys special brewing techniques, fun ingredients, and experimenting with yeasts. She serves on the American Homebrewers Association a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Governing Committee and is on the Brewers Association Board of Directors. When she’s not brewing, she’s involved with her alma mater (Georgia Tech), making cheese, knitting, quilting, or solving puzzles. Roxanne and her husband live in Cincinnati, Ohio, with their four cats.

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