Recreating the Original India Pale Ale

  • Speaker: Travis Rupp
  • Track: Historical
  • Homebrew Con 2020
  • Online

The story of the beloved IPA (India pale ale) is clouded with misinformation, poor presumptions, and lack of documentation.

This presentation tells the story of the IPA’s rise to popularity in the 18th century, how it was made, and how it likely tasted.

Like its history, the original IPA was vastly inconsistent from batch to batch and from one brewery to another, but recreating this Ale of Antiquity has proven that the original IPA was not what so many historians have assumed it to be.

Suggested Beer Pairing

1752 IPA (Ales of Antiquity series from Avery Brewing Co.) or a homebrewed historical beer recipe.

About the Speaker

Travis Rupp is an ancient historian, archaeologist, and professional brewer on a mission to learn about the ways ancient ales were brewed and consumed. Rupp teaches classics, art history, and anthropology at the University of Colorado and serves as the Innovations of Wood Cellar Manager at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado.

In 2016, Rupp and Avery launched the Ales of Antiquity, which included historical English, Peruvian, and Egyptian-inspired beers.

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