Taking Care of Fizzness: Understanding Carbonation in Beer

Carbonation is one of the defining features of beer and impacts appearance, aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel. Not having proper carbonation can result in a beer being flat or gushing. In this seminar, learn about the importance of understanding carbonation, from gas laws and calculating the proper dispense pressure, to the range of carbonation options for homebrewers. The seminar also covers troubleshooting common carbonation issues and potential gas blends for your home draught dispense systems.

Learning Objectives

  • What causes carbonation in beer and why carbonation is important
  • What factors to consider in determining desired carbonation level in the finished beer
  • Gas laws explained for the non-scientist homebrewer
  • Carbonation options for the homebrewer, such as bottle conditioning and forced carbonation
  • Troubleshooting carbonation issues

About the Speaker

Rachael Hudson is the co-founder and Head Brewer of Pilot Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as a co-host for the podcast, False Bottomed Girls. Over the past 16 years she has dedicated her time to the craft beer industry, all while achieving the titles of Advanced Cicerone and Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) recognized judge. She is also a judge for the Great American Beer Festival and the Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer, as well as an award-winning brewer in state and in national competitions.

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