Who Nose? You Nose! Sensory Magic in a Box

Put together your own sensory adventure, whether it’s in real life or virtually, for your homebrew club or for a group of buddies. This seminar walks you through the steps of breaking down sensory evaluation. Matching beer sensory elements (hops, malt, yeast, water) with food items, you can easily break down the vocabulary necessary to describe what’s going on in your beer. Go further by making malt- and hop teas and more! Develop your sensory skills and be someone that nose what they’re talking about!

Learning Objectives

  • Get to know sensory tools and techniques
  • Learn and develop your beer vocabulary
  • Develop your do-it-yourself (DIY) sensory skills using grocery items
  • Practice being specific about flavor: where does it come from and why
  • Discover skills and techniques for how to objectively communicate flavor perception in judging and/or how to be a better brewer

About the Speaker

Shana Solarte is an Advanced Cicerone and Certified Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judge from Chicago. Prior to joining Omega Yeast, Shana spent seven years on the content team for the Cicerone Certification Program and has been on staff at Dovetail Brewery since day one. Shana has also served as a mentor for both the Brewers Association and “Road to 100” mentorship programs and co-leads the Chicago Pink Boots chapter.

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