All-Grain (Brew in a Bag) Homebrewing Video Tutorial

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Homebrewing Makes Life More Delicious!

Learn the brew in a bag basics with Julia Herz, American Homebrewers Association executive director. In five easy-to-follow videos, Julia boils down the essentials for this simple homebrewing technique. Looking for step-by-step instructions, check out this guide!

  1. Learn How to “Brew in a Bag”
  2. Steps for All-Grain Mashing
  3. Boiling & Adding Hops
  4. Adding Yeast & Fermentation
  5. Bottling Your Homebrew

Part 1

American Homebrewers Association (AHA) executive director Julia Herz gives us an overview of the brew in a bag (aka BIAB) method as we get ready for our all-grain brew day.

Part 2

Follow along as we walk through the mashing process with the “brew in a bag” method. The mash is where we steep our brewing grains to extract the sugary solution that will be boiled and then fermented into beer! Learn how to conduct a mash and get some tips along the way.

Part 3

A bubbling kettle of delicious-smelling wort (the term for beer before it is fermented) is what most people envision when imagining homebrewing, and for good reason! It’s where we add one of our favorite ingredients: hops! Find out what the boil accomplishes, why hops are crucial in a beer recipe, and how to prevent a sticky “boil over.”

Part 4

Fermentation is where yeast turns our sugary wort into alcohol, creating beer! Learn about the fermentation process, the ideal environment for fermentation, and how long it should take.

Part 5

It’s the last step before enjoying your homebrew! Find out how to bottle homebrew and the process of making it fizzy (carbonated). See step by step how to move your fermented beer into bottles, the final stage before you get to enjoy your homebrewed creation!

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