Surf the Raddie: Fantastic Activities All Clubs Can Do

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This article originally appeared in the May/June 2024 issue of Zymurgy Magazine

By Ron Minkoff

You really dig your homebrew club. Great people. fun times. But you wouldn’t mind if the club upped its game. Turns out, your club doesn’t have to be big or rich to be amazing. Sometimes you just need a good idea. The Hogtown Brewers have a grocery list of compelling activity ideas that will push your merry band of homebrew enthusiasts to spectacular levels.

This article, based on a recent Homebrew Con seminar, will walk you through an extensive lineup of fantastic club activities that will:

  • Raise membership engagement.
  • Make it inviting for new members to step up.
  • Establish incentives to get your members brewing.
  • Provide a compelling homebrew education curriculum.
  • Develop your club website to actually be useful.
  • Drive strong charity and community involvement.

Access the whole article in the May/June 2024 Zymurgy magazine.

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