Sell AHA Memberships

Boost your business while strengthening the national homebrewing community, through two easy-to-administer American Homebrewers Association (AHA) programs.

AHA Membership Gift Cards

Sell AHA Memberships in your homebrew supply shop, brewery gift shop, or online store with AHA Membership Gift Cards. The AHA will supply you with everything you need including an inventory of ready to activate AHA membership gift cards, window signage, and a counter top display at no cost to you.

Your customers pay you the full price for a 1-year AHA membership and then follow the instructions on the back of the card to activate their membership online. After activation, the AHA charges a stored credit card number for your business a discounted rate. You keep the difference! This is how your business easily earns profit for each membership sold.

If any of your AHA membership gift cards are lost or stolen, the cards can be easily deactivated.

Learn More: Get more information and pricing for AHA Membership Gift Cards or replenish your supply of cards, please contact Millie Shamburger.

AHA Web Banners

Web banners are an easy and effective way to make a profit for your online business.

Your customers simply click on an AHA web banner from your website and are redirected to the AHA’s online store. Memberships purchased by that click-through make money for your beer business. Because everything is tracked online, there is no inventory to maintain and no credit card information is stored on file.

AHA web banners are 100% hassle free and can only earn you money.

Downloadable AHA Web Banners

Contact Millie Shamburger for a custom link to sync up your AHA web banner to the AHA’s online store. This allows you to get reimbursements for memberships purchased from your site. AHA web banners are customized to include your business name and are sized to fit your web needs.

Small Square Square Rectangle Full Banner
200 x 200  250 x 250  180 x 250  468 x 60