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AHA membership gift card

Boost your business while strengthening the national homebrewing community with these two easy-to-administer American Homebrewers Association (AHA) programs.

Referral Program

The AHA Referral Program is an easy and effective way to generate revenue while helping recruit new AHA members.

Program participants are issued a custom link which you can share on your website, e-newsletters, and social media. We even have downloadable web banners you can use!

When someone clicks your link and joins the AHA, you will receive a portion of the membership dues.

Contact Megan Wabst to learn more.

Gift Card Program

Sell AHA Memberships in your homebrew supply shop, brewery gift shop, or online store with AHA Membership Gift Cards. There’s no upfront cost to participate!

The AHA will supply you with everything you need including an inventory of ready to activate AHA membership gift cards, window signage, and a counter top display.

The gift card recipient simply follows the instructions on the back of the card to activate their membership.

Contact Megan Wabst to learn more.

Already participating in these programs? Visit the resources page for information and tools to leverage the programs.