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Sponsored Content opportunities reinforce your company as an expert and provide valuable homebrewing information to readers.  Sponsored Content differs from other advertising opportunities as its educational nature provides the reader with insight into an issue, solution to a problem and/or information to help them improve as a homebrewer.


Be featured on the home page of for a full month, as well as have the full article and images on our active website. 


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We require two separate headlines and two sets of images that will be rotated throughout the 30 day period in which the content runs. Please keep post lengths under 1,000 words and provide the following static image sizes: 

  • 1440 pixels w x 960 pixels h
  • 1200 pixels w x 628 pixels h

What’s Brewing @ AHA eNewsletter

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The What’s Brewing at AHA eNewsletter is a bi-weekly email delivered to members, hobbyists, retailers, clubs and professional brewers. Provide content for one of the featured articles and then take readers to your website to read more.


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  • Image Specs: 1200 w x 800 h pixels, max file size: 120kb, no copy added to image
  • Logo:  Hi-res png, eps or psd, preferably with no background
  • Headline: 55 characters maximum, including spaces
  • Synopsis:  275 – 475 characters, including spaces
  • Content:  Should be educational in nature and provide the reader with insight into an issue, solve a problem and help them improve as a homebrewer.  Content should not explore only one specific product or solution. All submitted content and images will be reviewed and approved by the American Homebrewers Association



Zymurgy® is the first and last word in homebrewing and beer culture–the preeminent magazine for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts. Zymurgy is more than a magazine to its readers—it’s a bi-monthly journal that they read to gain the latest information and advice that will support their passion for brewing and drinking quality beer. Not only that, most Zymurgy readers are American Homebrewers Association members, so you can rest assured that your advertising is being seen by an engaged audience, not just someone idly leafing through a newsstand copy. Readers trust Zymurgy and support the businesses that advertise in it.







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