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Zymurgy® is the first and last word in homebrewing and beer culture–the preeminent magazine for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts. Zymurgy is more than a magazine to its 50,000 readers—it’s a bi-monthly journal that they read to gain the latest information and advice that will support their passion for brewing and drinking quality beer. Not only that, most Zymurgy readers are American Homebrewers Association members, so you can rest assured that your advertising is being seen by an engaged audience, not just someone idly leafing through a newsstand copy. Readers trust Zymurgy and support the businesses that advertise in it.





Zymurgy Contents

Beer news, gadgets, jokes, reader reviews, letters to the Editor, answers to homebrewing questions, beer style insight, news and recipes from competitions around the world, events and beer happenings, homebrew shop listings, equipment and much more.

Product Showcase

The Product Showcase is printed in the March/April and September/October editions and features six products. We do the design for you! Cost: $375.

2022 Print & Digital Release Schedule

Zymurgy Issue Editorial Focus Space Close Artwork Due Mail Date
January / February Gadgets October 30, 2021 November 6, 2021 Mid- December 2021
March / April Ingredients January 3 January 7 Mid- February
May / June Sensory Analysis & Troubleshooting + Homebrew Con Preview February 25 March 4 Mid-April
July / August Brewing Science April 29 May 6 Mid-June
September / October National Homebrew Competition July 1 July 8 Mid-August
November / December Commercial Clone Recipes + Holiday Gift Guide September 2 September 9 Mid- October
January / February 2023 TBD November 4 November 11 Mid- December
Placement Price
Back Cover (8.625″w x 11.125″h) $2,365
Inside Back Cover (8.625″w x 11.125″h) $2,100
Inside Front Cover (8.625″w x 11.125″h) $2,100
Full Page (8.625″w x 11.125″h) $1,680
2⁄3 Page Vertical (4.9″w x 9.5″h) $1,100
1/2 Page Vertical (4.9″w x 7″h) $945
1/2 Page Horizontal (7.5″w x 4.68″h) $840
1⁄3 Page Vertical (2.33″w x 9.5″h) $620
1⁄3 Page Square (4.9″w x 4.68″h) $620
1/4 Page Horizontal (4.9″w x 3.375″h) $510
1⁄6 Page Vertical (2.33″w x 4.68″h) $415
1⁄6 Page Horizontal (4.9”w x 2.2”h) $415

Full-page Trim Size: 8.375″ w x 10.875″h; Live area: 7.25″ w x 10.375″ h

For metric specifications, click here.

Ad Size Templates

Stand-out Specialty Opportunities Price
Three-page Gatefold $9,500
Full-page Translucent Ad $5,000
Bound-in Full-page Ad Insert (with Perforated Edge) $6,300
Bound-in 7″w x 5″h Ad Insert (with Perforated Edge) $3,280

Book more than one advertisement and save!

Zymurgy Ad Sizes / Placements Single issue net rate 2-3 issue net rate (-5% discount) 4-5 issue net rate (-10% discount) 6 issue net rate (-15% discount)
Back Cover $2,365 $2,246.75 $2,128.50 $2,010.25
Inside Front Cover $2,100 $1,995.00 $1,890.00 $1,785.00
Inside Back Cover $2,100 $1,995.00 $1,890.00 $1,785.00
Full Page $1,680 $1,596.00 $1,512.00 $1,428.00
2/3 Page Vertical $1,100 $1,045.00 $990.00 $935.00
1/2 Page Vertical $945 $897.75 $850.50 $803.25
1/2 Page Horizontal $840 $798.00 $756.00 $714.00
1/3 Page Vertical $620 $589.00 $558.00 $527.00
1/3 Page Square $620 $589.00 $558.00 $527.00
1/4 Page Horizontal $510 $484.50 $459.00 $433.50
1/6 Page Vertical $415 $394.25 $373.50 $352.75
1/6 Page Horizontal $415 $394.25 $373.50 $352.75

Advertising Specs

Full Page

8.625″ w x 11.125″h

2/3 Page Vertical

4.9″w x 9.5″h

1/3 Page Vertical

2.33″w x 9.5″h

1/2 Page Horizontal

7.5″w x 4.68″h

1/3 Page Square

4.9″w x 4.68″h

1/4 Page Horizontal

4.9″w x 3.375″h

1/6 Page Vertical

2.33″w x 4.68″h

Artwork Delivery

  • If your file is under 5 MB, please send to
  • If over 5 MB, please upload the artwork to our FTP site, as well as send a confirmation by email that the artwork has been uploaded. Please compress your files before posting and name in the following convention: CompanyName_Issue_Date

username: adv-share

password: Barley123

Zymurgy Online

Digital Home Page

Zymurgy® Online is the complete online version of Zymurgy magazine, and is available to all AHA members. All digital advertisements in Zymurgy Online will link directly to advertisers’ websites for immediate web exposure.


Emails Delivered


Page Views per Month



Special Features of Zymurgy Online

  • Search individual issues or the entire Zymurgy Online archive.
  • Use the contents drop down menu to go directly to a feature, department or recipe
  • Adjustable zoom
  • Embedded hyperlinks
  • Mark pages as Favorites so you can easily find features or recipes you want to reference in the future
  • Add your own personal notes to a page
  • Customizable audio and video effects
  • Accessible anywhere you have an internet connection

The following benefits are included with your sponsorship:

  • Digital Home Page: A full-page advertisement will brand the entire page left of the cover when readers access Zymurgy Online (specifications: 8.375″w x 10.875″h, PDF). Your logo will also be prominently displayed on the menu, contents view, ad list, and archives (specifications: 265 pixels wide x 65 pixels high, JPG).
  • Vertical Advertisement: A vertical advertisement will display to the right of each spread providing additional exposure to all readers for the entire duration of viewing the publication (specifications: 120 pixels w x 600 pixels h, JPG).
  • Zymurgy Online Email Announcement: With each new issue of Zymurgy Online, we will send an email announcement to over 39,000 AHA members with your logo prominently displayed with the image of the Zymurgy cover.
  • Zymurgy Online Preview Home Page: When readers access Zymurgy Online preview on your logo will be prominently displayed with the image of the Zymurgy cover.advice, etc.
Additional Functionality
Animation $450
Video $450

Advertising Policy: Advertising on is subject to the Advertising Policy

Vertical Advertisement
Zymurgy Online Email Announcement
Zymurgy Online Preview Home Page

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