Celebrate Home Fermentation Day on August 3, 2024

Join the celebration of all things fermentation on Home Fermentation Day! From our favorite homebrews to fermented foods, the American Homebrewers Association is your hub for fermentation.

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Fermented Beverages

Home Fermentation Day is a time to celebrate the art and hobby of fermentation. From familiar homebrewer favorites, like beer, mead, and cider, to the great beyond of fermented drinks and fermented foods, you’ll find inspiration and resources here. 

amber ale being poured into a beer glass
How to Make Beer

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mead making square
How to Make Mead

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glass of fermented cider next to a sliced apple
How to Make Cider

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Fermented Foods

Expanding your fermentation exploration beyond beverages to food will open up a whole new world of projects and experiments in between your homebrew batches!

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The Fermentation Kitchen by Gabe Toth

Recipes for the Craft Beer Lover’s Pantry

Part how-to guide, part cookbook, and part reference manual, The Fermentation Kitchen is a wide-ranging introduction to fermentation for brewers, food enthusiasts, and home fermentationists, who want to go beyond just recipes to understand what’s happening as their food is transformed.

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Zymurgy Magazine

Not only is Zymurgy magazine the premier publication on making beer at home, but it also regularly features explorations into other fermented projects. AHA members have instant access to the Zymurgy online and receive 6 new issues a year. Login and check out the You Can Ferment That column for your fermentation inspiration.

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