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Enter the 2024 Competition

The National Homebrew Competition gives amateur brewers the opportunity to receive invaluable feedback, win prizes, and recognizes outstanding, world-class homebrewed beer, mead, and cider.

Enter the 2024 Competition

The National Homebrew Competition gives amateur brewers the opportunity to receive invaluable feedback, win prizes, and recognizes outstanding, world-class homebrewed beer, mead, and cider.

Return to Regional First Round Competitions

The 2024 National Homebrew Competition will return to first round regional competitions across nine (9) different competition sites. Each site will determine which beers will advance to the Final Round judged once again in San Diego.

New this year: shipping/receiving dates for each first round site will vary based on actual judging dates for that location. This improvement will allow for flexibility for all homebrewers to select the best location for their entries based on the timing of shipping & judging.

Entrants will select their First Round judging site during registration on a first-come, first-served basis.

Brewer Feedback

During first round judging, all entrants will receive electronic BJCP-structured judge scoresheets for their entries, which will be available no more than 2 weeks after the completion of first round judging.

In addition to the first round BJCP scoresheets, all beers that advance and compete in the final round of judging will also receive electronic judge feedback cards. Note: these do not include numerical scoring.

Mead & Cider Categories

In an effort to expand competition and opportunities for our meadmakers, the mead award categories have expanded from 5 categories to 13 categories, and Cider from 2 to 4. We hope to maintain the spirit of competition while still celebrating the diversity of mead & cider styles available, so send forward your best!

Competition Registration & Application

The Competition Registration & Application process will set an overall predetermined entry limit. If there is capacity to add more entries, we will let entrants know in early March 2024.

2021 BJCP Style Guidelines

The 2024 National Homebrew Competition will use the 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines.

Entry fee for 2024 is $29 per entry. Failure to pay within the beer registration window will result in dismissal from the competition.

Log in to your AHA account on If you forget your AHA login username or password, click on Forgot username or password on the login box or contact Membership Team.

Head to our Join page and follow the steps to become a member.

Note: It will take six (6) hours for the BAP competition software to verify your account after purchasing an American Homebrewers Association membership.

Subscribe to NHC emails here and add to your Safe Senders list.

The link to the Competition Website will be released on February 27. Registration will be hosted in Beer Awards Platform.

All National Homebrew Competition entries must be homebrewed beer, mead, or cider. “Homebrewed” means that entrants cannot use professional equipment or other means provided by professional brewers or breweries. The competition does not currently have categories for seltzer, hard soda, kombucha, and other alternative fermentations. Please refer to the 2021 Beer Judge Certification Program Beer, Mead, and Cider Style Guidelines.

Yes, all AHA members are welcome to enter. Entrants explicitly may not use professional equipment, ingredients, or processes.

Your AHA account must be correct before registration opens on February 27. You can log into your competition profile using your username and password and update it to the correct information.

Important Dates

February 20: Club Registration Deadline

Homebrew clubs must be registered with the AHA.

February 27 – March 15: Entry Registration & Payment

Eligible entrants register for the competition and pay for their entries. Entries may be edited after payment until their individual site’s edit deadline (typically about 1 week prior to the receiving date, but see individual site for details).

April 19: Deadline Cancellation/Refunds
(updated to April 19 on 3/21/2024 to align with earliest first-round site shipping)

Changes to categories and specialty info are accepted through April 26, contingent on category availability. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations after this date.

Deadline for Category/Entry Changes – Varies by First Round Site

Changes to categories and specialty info are accepted the dates for your individual first round site, but are based on category availability. Please reference your first round competition registration site for this information (Last bullet on homepage of the Beer Awards Platform registration site for the competition)

May – June: First Round Shipping/Drop-off Window (Dates vary by location)

All competition entries must be received at the entrant’s respective shipping/drop-off location (see your registration site for shipping information)

Mid-May – June: First Round Judging

First round judging takes place at 9 locations across the country.

July 29 – August 9: Final Round Shipping/Drop-off Window (San Diego)

All competition entries must be received at the shipping/drop-off location for the Final Round (different from the First Round locations).

August 17 – 24: Final Round Judging

Final Round competition judging takes place in San Diego, CA.

October 10: Award Ceremony at Great American Beer Festival®

The results of the 2024 National Homebrew Competition will be announced during the Thursday, Oct. 10 session of the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. A live stream of the ceremony will be available to the public.

Step 1: Competition Registration/Payment

AHA members register on the Beer Awards Platform for the 1st round site of their choice starting at 10:00 a.m. MST on February 27. Links to registration sites by location will be posted to

First Round Competition Site Selection: Sites will fill on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to approximately 750 entries per site. Homebrewers do not need to choose the site that is closest to them geographically and can select any site they choose based on availability (choose wisely).

ENTRIES: Entrants must indicate how many entries they would like to submit to the competition and pay for all entries. There is a predetermined limit of 10 entries per brewer. If there is the capacity to accommodate additional entries after registration closes, we will notify brewers directly. You may enter more than one beer per category or subcategory. You may NOT enter the same beer more than once anywhere in the competition (that would be weird). You will be able to edit specific beer entry details after payment. NOTE: The competition registration and payment system is an all-inclusive system.

Fill out the registration form in full. Many categories will require you to provide specialty information about your entry—examples include fruits, spices, types of barrels, etc. (see page 17 for more information). You can free-type this information if you encounter difficulty with the online entry portal. You will receive a confirmation email with your application. You will be able to edit your entry information through March 29.

It is your responsibility to subscribe to our emails before the registration window closes and monitor your email during this time. Beers may be edited after registration and payment up until the shipping window.

Step 2: Entry Confirmation

Confirmation emails are all sent after registering and paying for your entries. A $29-per-entry fee is due by credit card upon registering for the competition.

Disclaimer: unpaid registration will result in dismissal from the competition.

Step 3: Beer Editing and Labeling

Log in to your registration for your First Round Competition site at Beer Awards Platform and manage your competition entry information. Make sure all the information is correct. Provide all full names (first and last) of your team (if applicable).

NHC TABLES: Every year, the competition organizes the BJCP Style Guidelines into Tables in a meaningful and manageable way. Review the Tables in this handbook carefully to know which subcategories fall within which NHC Tables. Note: the category list is organized by table number, with the corresponding BCJP category number listed in parentheses. Be sure to include any additional information required for your entry’s subcategory in the BJCP 2021 Style Guidelines.

HOMEBREW CLUB: Entrants may only choose one homebrew club total for the entirety of the competition. Changing a homebrew club is prohibited after the shipping window closes.

ENTRY LABELS: Entry labels will be available within Beer Awards Platform, in your competition record for your 1st round site. Print and attach labels to each bottle for ALL entries using a rubber band only. Labels must be at least 1″ wide and 2.625″ tall.

Entries may be edited through March 29.

Step 4: Shipping Window

All entries must be received during the shipping window (dates vary by First Round site) at the designated locations for each Judging Center. This information is shown on your Entry Labels and in your First Round Brewer Profile. If you are unsure, please contact the site organizer for your Judging Center.

Step 5: Feedback & Results

First Round score cards will be sent back to entrants via email, and all brewers advancing to the Final Round of judging will be notified by July 2. Advancing brewers will receive additional instructions on sending entries to Final Round judging in San Diego.

All Final Round entries will receive written, non-numerical scored feedback, which will be emailed the day after the Awards Ceremony. IMPORTANT: All medal winners are required to provide recipe information to be published in Zymurgy.

Two (2) bottles must be sent to the first round competition site selected during registration. Beers advancing to the final round of judging in San Diego will require 3 bottles to be sent directly to the final collection site in San Diego. Further instructions are sent after the First Round.

Container Size & Appearance Requirements:

  • Large Format (750ml/22oz) bomber bottles and Grolsch/flip-top bottles are not allowed for competition.
  • Two (2) 10–14 oz. bottles/cans per entry are preferred. Bottles/cans larger than specified measurements are subject to disqualification.
  • Bottles/cans less than 10 oz. are acceptable.
  • Bottles/cans must not exceed 9.5″ tall and 2.75″ in diameter, regardless of the amount of liquid the bottle can hold.
  • Bottles, cans, and caps must be free from labels, tape, or any identifying marks. Bottles with raised lettering are allowed.
  • Entry Labels for each entry must be a minimum of 1.5″×2″ and rubber banded to each bottle appropriately.

Bottles/cans not meeting the requirements may be disqualified and/or put at a  disadvantage during the competition.

We do not provide refunds except for extreme and insurmountable circumstances. Entries not being ready for the competition do not fall within extreme and insurmountable circumstances. The refund deadline is April 19 (Note: updated to April 19 on 3/22/2024 to align with earliest first round shipping dates)

We will ask for a recipe if one or more of your entries wins a medal. Please see Rules & Regulations for more information on entry recipes.

Reference the Dates & Deadlines page. Once you’ve completed the registration and payment for the competition, you can log in and edit your entries through March 29. You must pay for your entries during the registration period to be eligible and maintain your place in the competition.

After the registration and payment window closes, no you cannot delete entries. Only choose the amount of entries you will enter, as we do not provide refunds unless it is an extreme and insurmountable circumstance. Refund deadline is March 29. After that, you are stuck with your requested entries regardless of whether you ship all of them.

No, sorry.

Your choice! It is your responsibility to enter each entry in the appropriate category and subcategory. Staff of the National Homebrew Competition and the Brewers Association cannot aid homebrewers in this decision. Detailed descriptions of each of the beer styles and subcategories are available via the 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines.

For specific information on special ingredients and entry instructions in a subcategory, please reference the 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines, find your subcategory, and locate the subheading “Entry Instructions.” This section identifies the required information necessary to judge an entry. The online entry portal will prompt you for the underlying base beer style and for specialty information such as fruit, spices, type of wood, etc. Entries not accompanied by this information will be at a disadvantage during judging.

Tip: keep it simple. When entering entries with ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, or spices, avoid words like extract, puree, fresh, all-natural, or canned—just indicate the ingredient used.

Do not use brand names, geographic names, or any other proper names of special ingredients. To eliminate potential judging bias and to maintain anonymity of entries, any identifying and/or potentially biasing information (positive or negative) will be reviewed edited for judging at the competition director’s discretion. Only essential ingredient and/or process-focused information pertinent to judging will be provided to judges. (Ex: “My award winning IPA brewed with homegrown blueberries” will be converted to “IPA w/blueberries”, etc.)

All MEAD entries must include sweetness, carbonation, and strength information.

All CIDER entries must include sweetness and carbonation information.

First Round Competition Site Shipping: May – June (dates vary by First Round site). Directly to first round site selected during registration. Address details & hours of operation coming soon. 

Final Round Competition Shipping: Only for beers that advance to final round judging. Beers ship direct to San Diego – location & hours of operations coming soon. 

This availability varies by location. Please reference the receiving location instructions for your individual site. For sites that allow direct drop-off, beers must be packaged safely (e.g. no loose bottles or the like).

It is the entrant’s responsibility to make sure entries arrive on time and are labeled correctly. Please do not use the United States Postal Service (USPS).

  1. The AHA highly encourages using items like Spirited Shipper, Whale Pods, or similar for easy-to-use, minimal waste containers. Such packaging cuts down on waste materials and reduces delays in unpacking and sorting.
  2. Plan on using a national courier. It is best to schedule a pickup from home or a place of business. Shipments brought directly through UPS or FedEx may get denied, as shipping alcohol is against policy. Indicate “glassware” or “samples” if asked to provide such information.
  3. Beware of scrutiny with ground shipping.
  4. Package MUST have “Attn: 2024 NHC” listed on package when delivered.
  5. Deliver Direct (drop-off): Entrants may deliver their beers directly to their site’s designated drop-off location if one is provided. Not all sites have a drop off-location.
  6. Arrange for a return receipt or tracking number with your shipping company if you wish to confirm delivery of your package. Shipping/drop-off locations cannot confirm delivery of your entries.

Cost-saving tip: Entrants may consolidate shipments when sending competition beers. This saves time and money! Consider contacting your local homebrew club, homebrew shop, or brewery to discuss options

Homebrewers located outside the US may ship their entries:

  1. You may ship using a courier and customs clearance company of your choice, but we recommend a national courier of your country.
  2. Declare the package as “samples, glassware” with a $0 or $1 value as a gift.

Disclaimer: Some brewers have had trouble with US Customs. The AHA is not responsible for any confiscated, lost, or damaged entries.

If you have further questions, please email

Shipping addresses for first round and final judging will be provided once registration opens.

Ask for a tracking number when you ship! If you do not have a tracking number. Do not contact the business of the shipping/drop-off location!

First, second, and third place in the First Round with a score of 30 points or greater are awarded ribbons for their achievements and advance to the Final Round of the National Homebrew Competition.

First Round results will be published and Judge Feedback (Comment Cards) will be emailed to entrants within 2 weeks or less of the end of judging for your 1st round site.

First round ribbons are sent out to entrants about 30 days after the final round judging has finished. 

2024 Final Round Medal Winners will receive:

  • NHC medal
  • Mentioned by name in the National Homebrew Competition press release
  • Gold medal: $100 MoreBeer gift card; winning recipe and photo included in Zymurgy magazine; One GABF general session ticket for Oct. 10 to attend the NHC awards ceremony inside the GABF hall.*
  • Silver Medal: $50 off Brewers Publication books; name, city, and state included in Zymurgy magazine
  • Bronze Medal: One complimentary entry to the 2025 National Homebrew Competition; name, city, and state included in Zymurgy magazine

*Complimentary GABF ticket for Gold Medalists: In order to maintain the integrity and excitement of the competition, NHC Final Round Gold Medal winners will not be pre-notified of their win. Instead NHC Gold Medal winners who purchase a Thursday Night GABF Ticket will have their ticket purchase refunded after the NHC Final Round Awards Ceremony at GABF.

As the awards ceremony takes place within the GABF on Thursday, October 10, only GABF ticket-holders are eligible to attend. All NHC Final Round competitors are encouraged to join us at the GABF to see if they’re taking home hardware!

Complimentary GABF ticket for Gold Medalists: In order to maintain the integrity and excitement of the competition, NHC Final Round Gold Medal winners will not be pre-notified of their win. Instead NHC Gold Medal winners who purchase a Thursday Night GABF Ticket will have their ticket purchase refunded after the NHC Final Round Awards Ceremony at GABF.

The results of the 2024 National Homebrew Competition will be announced during the Thursday, Oct. 10 session of the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

  • A live stream of the ceremony will be available to the public, details to come.
  • Purchase a ticket for the Thursday, Oct. 10 session of the Great American Beer Festival to attend the awards ceremony in person and access Homebrew HQ.

Results are verified, and winners are posted to after the Award Ceremony (taking place at the Great American Beer Festival® in Denver!) concludes on October 10, 2024. All results will be posted by no later than three days after the Award Ceremony.

Gold Medal – a world-class beer that accurately exemplifies the specified style, displaying the proper balance of taste, aroma, and appearance.

Silver medal – an excellent beer that may vary slightly from style parameters while maintaining close adherence to the style and displaying excellent taste, aroma, and appearance.

Bronze medal – a fine example of the style that may vary slightly from style parameters while still displaying quality taste, aroma, and appearance.

*Each entry that wins a medal will receive one medal. Additional medals may be acquired by entrants. Email for more information.

2024 Major Award winners will receive:

  • National Homebrew Competition Grand Prize Trophy
  • Free Great American Beer Festival ticket(s) (one ticket for individual brewer winners, up to 4 max for winning Clubs)
  • Photo in Zymurgy Magazine feature story on NHC Major Awards
  • New for 2024: the 2024 Homebrew Club Of the Year Award winner receives $500 cash prize for their club!

Major awards include: American Homebrewers Association Homebrewer of the Year, American Homebrewers Association Homebrew Club of the Year, Gambrinus Club, American Homebrewers Association Meadmaker of the Year, American Homebrewers Association Cidermaker of the Year

Clubs are awarded points based on the number of gold (6 points), silver (4 points), and bronze (2 points) medals won in the Final Round. In the event of a tie, tiebreaker criteria will determine a winner. Entrants must maintain the same club in the first round and final round.

Clubs are awarded points based on the number of gold (6 points), silver (4 points), and bronze (2 points) medals won in final round. The winner is determined by total final round entry points awarded divided by total number of entrants in the Final Round. To be eligible, clubs must have at least 5 club members entering the first round, and at least 2 club members advancing to and one (1) placing in the Final Round. In the event of a tie, tiebreaker criteria will determine a winner.

First-place winning entries in all of the beer NHC Tables will compete in Best-of-Table (BOT) judging. The Best-of-Table beer determines this award.

First-place winning entries in all the mead NHC Tables will compete in Best-of-Table (BOT) judging. The Best-of-Table mead determines this award.

First-place winning entries in all the cider NHC Tables will compete in Best-of-Table (BOT) judging. The Best-of-Table cider determines this award.

Homebrewers are awarded points based on the number of gold (6 points), silver (4 points), and bronze (2 points) medals won in the Final Round competition. Entrants must have at least one entry place in NHC beer table categories to be eligible.

For any award or other honor, including the major awards, the homebrewer(s) identified on the registration application determine which person and which homebrew club is awarded points. Individual members of a group of brewers earn points as a group and do not earn points on an individual basis. Points and awards are not transferable.

Entrants may choose only one homebrew club to affiliate themselves with. All points earned by the individual will go to the affiliated club for the major club awards. The affiliated club is finalized on May 1. Any change afterward will not be honored.

Yes, we renumber the entries once they arrive at the competition with a judging IDs. These numbers are different than your entry IDs which is the number that printed out on your bottle labels and the number you’ll find next to each entry in your brewer profile. If you feel you received the incorrect comment sheets, please email with your judging number from the comment sheets you received.

The NHC Tables are determined using the Beer Judge Certification Program’s 2021 Style Guidelines and previous years’ data. The following is a list of NHC Tables and the BJCP subcategories (listed in parentheses to the left of each style category). 

**Update 6/10: The website erroneously showed BJCP cat. 29b (Fruit & Spice Beer) being judged at Table 29: Specialty & Seasonal Spiced beer, however, for the 2024 competition, these entries compete in Table 27: Fruit Beer, as reflected in the registration software during the time of registration.

“ * ” Indicates additional judging information (base style, special Ingredients, etc) required.

Table 1: Pale American Beer

  1. American Light Lager (1A)
  2. American Lager (1B)
  3. Cream Ale (1C)

Table 2: Pale European Beer

  1. International Pale Lager (2A)*
  2. German Leichtbier (5A)
  3. Kolsch (5B)
  4. German Helles Exportbier (5C)
  5. Historical: Kellerbier (27A1)*

Table 3: Pilsner

  1. Czech Pale Lager (3A)
  2. Czech Premium Pale Lager (3B)
  3. German Pils (5D)
  4. Historical: Pre-Prohibition Lager (27A6)
  5. New Zealand Pilsner (X5)

Table 4: Pale Malty European Beer

  1. Munich Helles (4A)
  2. Festbier (4B)
  3. Helles Bock (4C)

Table 5: Amber European Beer

  1. International Amber Lager (2B)
  2. Czech Amber Lager (3C)
  3. Marzen (6A)
  4. Vienna Lager (7A)
  5. Altbier (7B)

Table 6: Dark European Lager

  1. International Dark Lager (2C)
  2. Czech Dark Lager (3D)
  3. Munich Dunkel (8A)
  4. Schwarzbier (8B)

Table 7: American Wheat & Blonde

  1. American Wheat Beer (1D)
  2. Blonde Ale (18A)
  3. Dorada Pampeana (X1)

Table 8: German Wheat & Rye Beer

  1. Weissbier (10A)
  2. Dunkles Weissbier (10B)
  3. Weizenbock (10C)*
  4. Historical: Roggenbier (27A8)
  5. Historical: Sahti (27A9)

Table 9: British Pale Ale

  1. Ordinary Bitter (11A)
  2. Best Bitter (11B)
  3. Strong Bitter (11C)
  4. British Golden Ale (12A)
  5. Australian Sparkling Ale (12B)
  6. English IPA (12C)

Table 10: Scottish & Irish Ale

  1. Scottish Light (14A)
  2. Scottish Heavy (14B)
  3. Scottish Export (14C)
  4. Irish Red Ale (15A)

Table 11: American Pale Ale (18B)

Table 12: Amber & Brown American Ale

  1. American Amber Ale (19A)
  2. California Common (19B)
  3. American Brown Ale (19C)
  4. Historical: Kentucky Common (27A2)

Table 13: Brown British Beer

  1. Dark Mild (13A)
  2. British Brown Ale (13B)
  3. English Porter (13C)
  4. Historical: London Brown Ale (27A4)

Table 14: Irish & British Stout

  1. Irish Stout (15B)
  2. Irish Extra Stout (15C)
  3. Sweet Stout (16A)
  4. Oatmeal Stout (16B)
  5. Tropical Stout (16C)
  6. Foreign Extra Stout (16D)

Table 15: American Porter & Stout

  1. American Porter (20A)
  2. American Stout (20B)
  3. Historical: Pre-Prohibition Porter (27A7)

Table 16: American IPA (21A)

Table 17: Specialty IPA

  1. Specialty IPA (21B)*
  2. Belgian IPA (21B1)*
  3. Black IPA (21B2)
  4. Brown IPA (21B3)
  5. Brut IPA (21B7)
  6. Red IPA (21B4)
  7. Rye IPA (21B5)
  8. White IPA (21B6)*
  9. IPA Argenta (X2)

Table 18: Hazy IPA (21C)

Table 19: Strong American Ale

  1. Double IPA (22A)
  2. American Strong Ale (22B)
  3. American Barleywine (22C)
  4. Wheatwine (22D)

Table 20: Strong European Lager

  1. Dunkles Bock (6C)
  2. Doppelbock (9A)*
  3. Eisbock (9B)

Table 21: Strong British Ale

  1. British Strong Ale (17A)*
  2. Old Ale (17B)
  3. Wee Heavy (17C)
  4. English Barleywine (17D)

Table 22: Imperial Porter & Stout

  1. Baltic Porter (9C)
  2. Imperial Stout (20C)

Table 23: Saison (25B)*

Table 24: Belgian Ale

  1. Witbier (24A)
  2. Belgian Pale Ale (24B)
  3. Biere de Garde (24C)*
  4. Belgian Blond Ale (25A)
  5. Belgian Single (26A)

Table 25: Strong Belgian Ale

  1. Belgian Golden Strong Ale (25C)
  2. Belgian Dubbel (26B)
  3. Belgian Tripel (26C)
  4. Belgian Dark Strong Ale (26D)

Table 26: European Sour Ale

  1. Berliner Weisse (23A)
  2. Flanders Red Ale (23B)
  3. Oud Bruin (23C)
  4. Lambic (23D)
  5. Gueuze (23E)
  6. Fruit Lambic (23F)*
  7. Gose (23G)

Table 27: Fruit Beer*

  1. Fruit Beer (29A)*
  2. Specialty Fruit Beer (29C)*
  3. Fruit & Spice Beer (29B)*
  4. Grape Ale (29D)*
  5. Catharina Sour (X4)*

Table 28: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Beer*

  1. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer (30A)*

Table 29: Specialty & Seasonal Spiced Beer*

  1. Specialty Spiced Beer (30D)*
  2. Autumn Seasonal Beer (30B)*
  3. Winter Seasonal Beer (30C)*

Table 30: Smoke-Flavored Beer

  1. Rauchbier (6B)
  2. Historical: Lichtenhainer (27A3)
  3. Historical: Piwo Grodziskie (27A5)
  4. Classic-Style Smoked Beer (32A)*
  5. Specialty Smoked Beer (32B)*

Table 31: Wood-Aged Beer*

  1. Wood-Aged Beer (33A)*
  2. Specialty Wood-Aged (33B)*

Table 32: American Wild Ale*

  1. Brett Beer (28A)*
  2. Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer (28B)*
  3. Wild Specialty Beer (28C)*
  4. Straight Sour Beer (28D)*

Table 33: Specialty Beer*

  1. Other Historical Beer (27A)*
  2. Alternative Grain Beer (31A)*
  3. Alternative Sugar Beer (31B)*
  4. Commercial Specialty Beer (34A)*
  5. Mixed-Style Beer (34B)*
  6. Experimental Beer (34C)*

Table 34: Dry Mead (M1A)*
Table 35: Semi-Sweet Mead (M1B)*
Table 36: Sweet Mead (M1C)*
Table 37: Cyser (M2A)*
Table 38: Pyment (M2B)*
Table 39: Melomel (M2E)*
Table 40: Berry Mead (M2C)*
Table 41: Fruit & Spice Mead (M3A)*
Table 42: Stone Fruit Mead (M2D)*
Table 43: Spice, Herb or Vegetable Mead (M3B)*
Table 44: Braggot (M4A)*
Table 45: Historical Mead (M4B)*
Table 46: Experimental Mead (M4C)*

Table 47: New World Cider & Perry*

  1. New World Cider (C1A)*
  2. New World Perry (C1D)*

Table 48: Standard Cider & Perry*

  1. English Cider (C1B)*
  2. French Cider (C1C)*
  3. Traditional Perry (C1E)*

Table 49: Specialty Cider & Perry*

  1. New England Cider (C2A)*
  2. Applewine (C2C)*
  3. Ice Cider (C2D)*
  4. Specialty Cider/Perry (C2F)*

Table 50: Specialty Cider & Perry*

  1. Cider with Herbs/Spices (C2E)*
  2. Cider with Other Fruit (C2B)*

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