Customizable Homebrew Club Code of Conduct

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Three homebrewers standing around a brewing system.

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) has developed a homebrew club Code of Conduct template, with a review by the AHA Governing Committee.

After customizing the template, suggestions of where to publish include:

  • Post your code of conduct on your website
  • Link to it on all club social media accounts and groups
  • Link to it in all event materials and promotions
  • Have members review and agree to the code of conduct when renewing their membership
  • Make QR codes available at meetings for attendees to scan, review, and/or submit code of conduct violations

Clubs can offer members third-party resources, including apps like #NotMe, as a means for independent reporting. Learn more about #NotMe.

The AHA is dedicated to protecting, uniting, and educating homebrewers while empowering an equitable homebrewing culture and showcasing the fun of fermenting. To learn more, including information on club-dedicated resources such as the AHA homebrew club insurance program and club directory, visit

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