Homebrew Club S.N.O.B. Celebrates 25 Years

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s.n.o.b. homebrew club

“The club keeps the grassroots feel that it had in the beginning. It takes a no-frills, apolitical, educational, fun approach to beer.”

For 25 years, the Society of Northeast Ohio Brewers (S.N.O.B.) homebrew club has been bringing Cleveland, Ohoians together in the name of homebrewing.

From it’s start in 1990, S.N.O.B. has grown along with the craft brewing community of Cleveland, with a number of club alumni taking on roles in the commercial brewing industry.

Congratulations, S.N.O.B.!

For an in-depth look at he history of S.N.O.B, head to Cleveland.com.

Photo Credit: beersnobs.org

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