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Updated: 9/1995

Status: Permitted, subject to domestic use.


rhode islandRhode Island statute Title 3, Chapter 1, §3-1-3 permits the manufacture of wine or malt liquor for domestic use


§3-3-1 is a very concise exception enabling the production of malt liquor for domestic use without license or permit.

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State Alcohol Beverage Control Agency

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3-1-1 Definitions.

Unless the context otherwise requires, the words and phrases herein defined are used in this title in the sense given them in the following definitions:

“Beverage”: Any liquid which either by itself or by mixture with any other liquid or liquids is or may become fit for human consumption as a drink and which contains five-tenths of one per cent (.5%) or more of alcohol by weight.
“MALT beverage”: Any beverage which is usually produced at breweries, as distinguished from distilleries.
“Wines”: All fermented alcoholic beverages made from fruits, flowers, herbs, or vegetables and containing not more than twenty-four percent (24%) of alcohol by volume at sixty degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees F), except cider containing not more than three percent (3%) or containing more than six percent (6%), of alcohol by weight at sixty degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees F).

3-1-3 Manufacture or sale of cider and manufacture of wines and malt liquors for domestic use exempt from title.
Nothing contained in this title and chapter shall be so construed as to prohibit the manufacture of cider, or the sale thereof; or the manufacture of wine or malt liquors for domestic use.

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