Advanced Mashing for the Homebrewer

Mashing is one of the crucial first steps in achieving your desired finished product. This session shows that using additional enzymes can give brewers new tools and techniques to produce the best wort for the target beer. Processes covered include improvements in lautering, efficiency, time, quality of wort, and the ability to use raw and adjunct grains.

Learning Objectives

  • Review ways to use enzymes
  • Understand the use of wort measurements and observations in addition to time to determine mash duration and effectiveness
  • Discuss the use of unmalted and malted adjuncts in higher percentages
  • Learn how to produce more efficient, fermentable, and stable wort for your beer

About the Speakers

Aaron DeBoer has been brewing for over a decade and has been the president of the Nordeast Brewers Alliance homebrew club in Minneapolis, Minnesota since 2015. Aaron is an information technology (IT) professional by occupation and takes a technical approach to brewing and fermentation.

Nick McLawhorn started homebrewing in 2011, and is a member of the Nordeast Brewers Alliance homebrew club in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over that time homebrewing has connected his professional life as an Analytics Solution Architect and other hobbies such as cooking and maker projects to continually strive for quality and process optimizations. If you’re looking for someone to take a taproom bike ride to talk beer and BBQ, Nick’s your guy!

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