Brettanomyces: From Spoilage Organism to Rising Star!

This presentation includes an introduction to the genus Brettanomyces (Brett) and the differences between Dekkera and Brett. It covers the Brettanomyces genus in the fermented beverage industry, including the main species, its domestication, and traditionally brewed beers. The speaker explores Brettanomyces metabolism, the differences with Saccharomyces, including sugar fermentation, the Custers effect, and the production of aromas, phenols, and esters. He also discusses Brett’s funky character and its development, including experimental trials. Attendees of this session will see examples of beers traditionally brewed with the presence of Brett such as Lambic, Red Flanders Ales, Berliner Weisse, Orval, and learn strategies for producing sour and wild beers with a combination of the kettle sour process and Brett refermentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Educate homebrewers on Brettanomyces
  • Cover topics from the genus and species of Brett to its applications in the fermented beverage industry
  • Focus on the usage of Brett in brewing from both a historical and contemporary perspective

About the Speaker

Technical Sales Manager for the home segment at Fermentis, Hugo Picard is in charge of supporting homebrewers, winemakers, and cidermakers, in their hobby of beverage production at home. Hugo graduated with a master’s in science and agricultural engineering from Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture de Lille (ISA Lille) in France. He also has a master’s degree in international marketing and communications from Lille University. Before joining Fermentis, he was president of a brewing association and worked in several breweries and brewpubs in France and New Zealand as a brewer or as a marketing and communications manager.

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