Brewing Sour Beer at Home: Coolships, Wild Strains, and Commercial Sources

  • Speaker: Douglas Gladue
  • Track: Beer Styles
  • Homebrew Con 2019
  • Providence, RI

Homebrewers have many options for creating sour beer. Three of the most common are spontaneous fermentation in a coolship, isolating specific pure souring bacteria from the environment, and purchasing commercial microbe strains or blends.

This seminar examines all three procedures for souring homebrew and discusses the pros and cons of each method.

About the Speaker

Dr. Douglas Gladue is an award-winning homebrewer and yeast cultivator. He is a National-ranked beer judgine in the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), hold a PhD in molecular microbiology, and has an extensive background in yeast genetics and cultivation. For over a decade, he has used yeast as a tool to study protein interactions in the lab and for brewing beer at home.

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