Exploring Homebrewed Beers from Mexico

In this session, members of two homebrew clubs in Mexico, from the cities of Tijuana and Ensenada, present beers that fall into at least one of of the following two non-exclusive categories:

  • A beer style that’s relevant to Mexico’s brewing history (i.e. Mexican Lager, Vienna Lager)
  • A beer with a unique ingredient from Mexico (fruits and spices)

The presentation begins with a brief history of brewing in Mexico, including a look at the current environment of hundreds of homebrew clubs and craft breweries across the country. This is followed by examples and ideas of how homebrewers can produce these distinct and unique beers. Simultaneously, the speakers introduce the beers, along with an explanation of the relevance of the beer style to the country or a description of the local ingredient that was employed.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss some of the key moments in the history of brewing in Mexico
  • Understand the current status of craft brewing and homebrewing in Mexico
  • Get to know the beer styles that are linked to the history of brewing in Mexico
  • Learn about unique and creative ingredients from Mexico that are employed by Mexican homebrewers

About the Speakers

Ignacio Lomelí is a beer enthusiast from Mexico. He is a former homebrewer, who made his first batches in 2013, and he co-founded a contract beer brand made with one of his homebrewing recipes that used hidromiel (agave sap) as an adjunct. He worked in an ingredients supply company in Mexico from 2015 to 2022 and currently works with Lallemand Brewing as a technical sales representative. He is a Certified Cicerone and recognized Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judge, and is continuously participating in homebrew and craft beer competitions.

Kevin Estrada Sánchez is the president of the Tijuana Homebrew Club in Baja California, Mexico. He is a Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) certified beer judge and has been a homebrewer since 2014.

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