Gluten-Free Brewing: Industry Fireside Chat

Join the gluten-free community for a fireside chat about some of the newest innovations, techniques, and do’s and don’ts of gluten- free brewing. Brewers Publications author Robert Keifer is joined by Cale Baldwin, member of the Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrew Club; Zach Griffin, Quality Technician at Grouse Malt House; Karen Hertz, founder of Holidaily Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado; and Brian Newcomb, owner of Gluten Free Brew Supply. Step inside a parallel brewing universe, expand your brewing repertoire, and maybe even help that celiac friend or relative of yours enjoy a beer again. During the session, the panel describes their favorite and most inspirational gluten-free beer.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about pro-level gluten-free brewing techniques and how to apply them at the homebrew level
  • Debunk some common gluten-free brewing myths
  • Understand how to adjust recipes on the go when using different ingredients
  • Get the latest scientific findings since Gluten-Free Brewing was published

About the Speakers

Brian Newcomb, also known as “Gluten Free Beer Brian” and owner of Gluten Free Brew Supply, was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age two and has been on a strict gluten-free (GF) diet since age 12. Brian never got to enjoy a pint of brew until his late 30s when he stumbled across the Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrew Club Facebook page and has never looked back! Brian established the Facebook group “Gluten Free Beer Great Taste Less Diarrhea” to help spread “The good word of Gluten Free Beer.” Brian blogs as “Gluten Free Beer Brian” on Facebook and Instagram. “The goal of is to expand the palette of safely sourced GF malts and grains available to the homebrewer, including malted sorghum and GF malted oats.”

Cale Baldwin is a member and admin of the Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrew Club based in Seattle, Washginton, the only homebrew club dedicated to gluten-free brewing in the world. He hosts monthly club meetings via Zoom, as well as the monthly podcast It’s Millet Time. For more information about brewing gluten-free, find the Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrew Club on Facebook and YouTube.

Karen W. Hertz is the founder of Holidaily Brewing Company. In her early 30’s, Karen survived both melanoma and thyroid cancers, leading to a treatment regimen including a gluten-free diet. After adopting a gluten-free diet, Karen struggled to find a great tasting, 100% gluten-free beer. If the lack of quality gluten-free options was a challenge for her, she thought it certainly was a challenge for others as well. With an MBA in entrepreneurial studies from the University of Colorado at Denver and 15 years of beer industry experience under her belt, Hertz researched gluten-free ingredients, taste-testing alternatives, and gaining an understanding of brewing processes in order to create a better solution. Thus, the idea for Holidaily Brewing Company was born.

Robert Keifer discovered that he was gluten intolerant just as he was discovering craft beer, and his heart ached to drink beer again. That passion for great craft beer drove him to learn how to brew gluten-free, help found a gluten-free homebrewing club, write a book on gluten-free brewing, and even start a gluten-free brewery with his wife. Robert is the author of the Brewers Publications book, Gluten-Free Brewing: Techniques, Processes, and Ingredients for Crafting Flavorful Beer, and is excited to continue to share his passion for gluten-free beer with a wider audience.

Zach Griffin is a Fort Collins, Colorado native and an avid homebrewer. He has a thirst for knowledge in this industry and is excited to give a helping hand at the Malt House. Zach is also a graduate of the Fermentation Science and Technology program at Colorado State University.

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