How Sweet It Is: Brewing with Sugars

Sugar is often overlooked as an ingredient, but it can be used to add flavor, color, and elevate the character of your beer. In this session, discover different types of sugar from traditional to experimental. Understand how sugar can change your beer’s character and considerations to make during recipe development. Learn how to make traditional sugars for British and Belgian beers.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore different types of sugar and how they are used in brewing
  • Discuss the influence sugar has on finished beer
  • Learn about traditional brewing sugars used in British and Belgian styles
  • Understand how to make invert sugar and candi sugar at home

About the Speaker

Adrian Swanson has been homebrewing since 2009 when he made an extract kit in his college dorm room. Since then he has brewed hundreds of batches of beer from historical and experimental oddities, to classic styles. He is a member of the Nordeast Brewers Alliance in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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