Members Only: Organizing Club Homebrew Contests

Big, public homebrew contests aren’t for everyone. They can be intimidating and impersonal for beginning or casual homebrewers. Homebrew clubs can set up their own internal contests for members, and these can be much more relaxed, flexible, and rewarding. This seminar covers setting up, organizing, and running a club-internal brewing competition, detailing different types of successful contests that one homebrew club has held over the past few years. These contests range from casual backyard BBQ “pick your favorite beer” events, to virtual tasting sessions, to getting local breweries involved with a chance to brew on a commercial scale.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn alternatives to BJCP-structured beer contests
  • Discuss how to organize a club event and beer contest
  • Share examples of several successful homebrew club contests and event ideas
  • What it takes to make a winning beer in a club competition

About the Speaker

Aaron Pigors is the President of the Illiana Beer Rackers Union (IBRU) homebrew club based in the south Chicagoland region. Aaron is a Beer Judge Certification Program Certified (BJCP) beer judge and award-winning homebrewer, including a first-place Brown Ale at the Indiana Brewer’s Cup. Aaron co-hosts the beer Youtube channel Taste For Adventure.

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