Selecting Yeast Based on Strain Characteristics and Applying Environmental Conditions to Promote Flavor and Aroma Production

Yeasts are living microorganisms whose performance is influenced immensely by the environment. The homebrewing community produces a wide range of beverages made from a wide range of raw materials, including raw or malted grains, fruits, honey, grasses (sugar cane), etc. The sugar extract derived from the different raw materials varies in terms of type and composition of sugars, concentration of sugars, pH, nutrients and osmotic pressure to yeast, creating extremely different environments for yeasts. An understanding of the specific characteristics of different yeast strains is essential to obtain expected results and avoid undesirable characteristics. We will review how different yeasts respond to different environments. The aim of this presentation is to provide you with the tools and understanding of key concepts in order to make the proper yeast selection for your final product.

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