Serving Your Homebrew: All About Draught Beer Systems

Tired of bottling or maybe you’re just ready to take the next step in how you serve your homebrewed beer? Serve it on draught! Draught beer at home has never been easier to implement, but it can be daunting thanks to the tremendous amount of options and solutions that exist. Join Homebrew Happy Hour‘s Todd Burns, James Carlson, and Joshua Steubing as they help you navigate the basics of draught systems all the way up to the most sophisticated and elaborate set ups.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of bottling versus kegging
  • Learn about the various types of draught systems (basic setups, turnkey tower kegerator setups, and do-it-yourself chest keezer conversion setups)

About the Speakers

Joshua Steubing is a long time homebrewer who has been working in the draught beverage solutions industry for over 15 years. Host of the Homebrew Happy Hour podcast, Joshua enjoys helping new and advanced brewers experience the joys of serving their own craft beer on tap at home.

Todd Burns has been homebrewing for over 35 years! He built his first kegerator in 2005 and was immediately hooked. In 2006, Todd founded which has been a source for homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts to pick up their kegging and draught system components. After 16 years in the industry, helping people serve their beverages at home on draught is still Todd’s passion. He also is a co-host on the weekly podcast Homebrew Happy Hour, and frequently contributes “how to” and instructional videos to their YouTube channel.

James Carlson loves craft beer! As an avid homebrewer with over 20 years of experience, James still loves smooth German lagers the most. When he isn’t homebrewing a big batch of pilsner, he’s the Director of Operations at CMBecker International LLC, the company behind the industry standard line of faucets and soda/homebrew keg disconnects. James is also a co-host of the popular Homebrew Happy Hour podcast which is a weekly Q&A format show helping homebrewers learn and grow as a community.

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