Soluble Hop Compounds Tech Talk | Presented by Yakima Chief Hops & Brewers Best

  • Speakers: Evan Luxenburg, Maggie Sessions, Steve Thompson, Tessa Schilaty
  • Tracks: Ingredients, Technical
  • Homebrew Con 2021
  • Online

How can I have more control over the aroma characteristics in my finished beer? Join the Yakima Chief Hops Central Region manager Steve Thompson and Tessa Schilaty, Sensory Research Coordinator, as they discusses recent research in beer soluble hop compounds, specifically flavors and aromas that survive into finished beer. In this session, Tessa & Steve will discuss the recently released CryoPop™ Blend , and the Survivable Compounds Handbook. At the end of this seminar Maggie Sessions and Evan Luxenburg with LD Carlson, Yakima Chief Hops’ distribution partner, will introduce their new, exclusive Brewer’s Best® beer kit created just for Homebrew Con 2021.

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