The Hunter of the Lost Beers: A Trip Back into Extinct Beer Styles of Germany and Its Surroundings

Everyone knows Germany for its distinct lagers, like Helles and Pilsener, but have you ever heard about styles like Rastrum or Schlunz? Very few people know that Germany once had over 200 beer styles, some of which are now extinct and the knowledge about them is in danger of being lost forever. Though they may have disappeared from the scene now, some of these beer styles were well known and exported all across Europe, and some were even the basis of wealth of famous cities like Hamburg or Erfurt. Who would have guessed that, for example, German Porter was a thing for centuries?

Homebrewers and creative craft brewers are the last best hope to find the traces of these unique styleas and keep them alive. Together, we can ensure that this important part of our beer culture is preserved for future generations.

Learning Objectives

  • Hear an overview of extinct beer styles in the German speaking part of Europe
  • Understand the factors for why they became extinct
  • Learn about projects like the Grodziskie redivivus project or Schneeeule in Berlin
  • Get to know three examples of extinct beer styles and how they are brewed today

About the Speaker

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, half a mile away from Oktoberfest and the Augustiner brewery, and with one grandmother in the beer business and the other a former pub owner, Jan Brücklmeier’s destiny was almost predetermined. He brewed his first batch of beer in the late 1980s and made his passion a profession when he studied brewing sciences and beverage technologies at the world-famous beer university, Weihenstephan, from which he holds a master’s degree. Jan has written two books about homebrewing and beer.

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