Traditional & Modern Cask Ale Techniques

Cask ale is a fantastic conditioning and serving choice that continues to be adopted by new home and craft brewers alike! Why you ask? Because a living, breathing cask beer served at cellar temperature is a unique and enjoyable experience in a pint. In this session, we go through some history of cask ales, traditional styles and techniques, and modern styles and techniques that benefit from being served on a cask and from a beer engine. We also look at what you need and where to source everything to start serving cask ales at home.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what a cask ale is
  • Learn how to use cask ale serving techniques
  • Explore how and what is needed to serve cask ale
  • Hear about traditional cask ale styles
  • Discuss modern cask ale techniques and styles

About the Speaker

Aaron Hyde has been homebrewing for over 25 years. In 2008 he opened Brewstock Homebrew Supplies in New Orleans, Louisiana. After five successful years, he sold that business and moved on to work as Director of Homebrew at Briess Malting Company. In 2018 he accepted a position at Bevie, where he currently manages a global portfolio of homebrew products and leads new product development and portfolio strategy, including for Grainfather, Mangrove Jack’s, and Still Spirits branded products. Aaron has studied brewing, malting, and distilling, receiving certifications in all three areas from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling. He is also the author of the book How To Distill.

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