Homebrew Con Seminars

Homebrew Con is an annual event hosted by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA). The conference includes dozens of seminars on beer, mead, and cider. Join the AHA to gain access to Homebrew Con seminars dating back to 2012. You won’t find a resource like this anywhere else!

Ask the Experts Panel

  • Speakers: Brad SmithDrew BeechumJohn Palmer
  • Track: Other/Misc.
  • Homebrew Con 2019
  • Providence, RI

No homebrewing topic is off limits in this interactive Q&A panel with homebrewing luminaries Brad Smith, John Palmer, and Drew Beechum. Lamenting on lagers? Interested in isinglass? Curious about carbonation? Puzzled about Pediococcus? Overanalyzing alpha acids? Bring your toughest homebrewing riddles and see what advice these experts can give. Read More

Beer Clarity, In Depth

  • Speaker: Brad Smith
  • Track: Brewing Process
  • Homebrew Con 2015
  • San Diego, CA

This seminar will provide an in-depth look at beer clarity, including measuring clarity, potential causes of clarity issues and ingredients and processes to minimize haze in your beer. It also will address the most common causes of haze including tannins and polyphenols, ingredient selection, chill haze and more. Brad will … Read More

Improving Clarity for Homebrewers

  • Speaker: Brad Smith
  • Track: Recipe Formulation & Improvement
  • Homebrew Con 2014
  • Grand Rapids, MI

Cloudy beer got you down? Brad Smith, author and podcast host, presents the causes and solutions for this problem. We’ll discuss the many potential contributors to cloudiness in beer including proteins, polyphenols, tannins and yeast. Brad will also explain the full range of products and techniques to improve clarity and … Read More

Beer Recipe Design

  • Speaker: Brad Smith
  • Track: Recipe Formulation & Improvement
  • Homebrew Con 2013
  • Philadelphia, PA

This talk offers a structured approach to beer recipe design, starting with a target style and walking through research, selection of ingredients and application of brewing techniques to create a great beer recipe. We’ll review examples of recipe design as well as cover some of the newer techniques brewers are … Read More

Brew in a Bag

  • Speaker: Brad Smith
  • Track: Brewing Process
  • Homebrew Con 2012
  • Bellvue, WA

A discussion of the brew in a bag brewing method, its advantages and how to use it to brew all-grain beer. Read More