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Hands-On Activities to Help You Master Beer Styles

  • Speaker: Ray Daniels
  • Track: Yeast & Fermentation
  • Homebrew Con 2015
  • San Diego, CA

Just reading about beer styles won’t help you remember them next time you sit down to judge. Really mastering BCJP styles requires hands-on activities to cement your knowledge. Ray Daniels started learning about beer styles more than 25 years ago and today spends a good deal of his time teaching… Read More

Can You Make a Living in Beer?

  • Speaker: Ray Daniels
  • Track: Going Pro
  • Homebrew Con 2014
  • Grand Rapids, MI

Join Ray Daniels for a discussion of possible job and business opportunities in the beer sector and his take on their prospects for their success. Tapping his knowledge and lessons learned as director of the Cicerone Certification Program, a co-owner of Revolution Brewing, and instructor of the Siebel Institute course… Read More

Drink What You Think

  • Speaker: Ray Daniels
  • Track: Recipe Formulation & Improvement
  • Homebrew Con 2012
  • Bellvue, WA

Recipe formulation creates many opportunities for creativity-and many distractions from your goals. This seminar will discuss ways to pursue recipe formulation so that you both learn and create beers that are satisfying and enjoyable to drink. Along the way, we'll talk about the basic tasks of recipe formulation in a… Read More

Trouble Shooting Panel

  • Speakers: Gordon StrongJamil ZainasheffJohn PalmerRandy MosherRay Daniels
  • Track: Technical
  • Homebrew Con 2012
  • Bellvue, WA

Join America's best and brightest homebrew experts as they get grilled with questions both silly and sublime related to bad beers, balky brewhouses, black bocks, bent burners, barley bugs and who knows what else. Come loaded with your own questions and enjoy learning from the experiences of others. Fun for… Read More