Homebrew Con Seminars

Homebrew Con is an annual event hosted by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA). The conference includes dozens of seminars on beer, mead, and cider. Join the AHA to gain access to Homebrew Con seminars dating back to 2012. You won’t find a resource like this anywhere else!

Brewing up a Perfect Pairing: Research-Backed Food Pairing Principles

  • Speakers: Pat FaheyRandy Mosher
  • Track: Sensory Analysis
  • Homebrew Con 2016
  • Baltimore, MD

The Beer and Food Pairing Working Group is engaged in standardizing the body of knowledge used to assemble awesome beer and food pairings by creating research-backed pairing principles. Come learn about what information already exists, participate in a pairing exercise, and find out how you can help further the research …More

(Almost) Everything You Know About Brewing History Is Wrong

  • Speaker: Randy Mosher
  • Track: Historical
  • Homebrew Con 2015
  • San Diego, CA

Modern brewers are inspired by the past to create their own interpretations of the classics. But what if it turns out a lot of our ideas about past beers are just not right? This is the case with far too many classic styles. Often, the truth is even more interesting …More

Beer Recipes from the Inside Out

  • Speaker: Randy Mosher
  • Track: Recipe Formulation & Improvement
  • Homebrew Con 2014
  • Grand Rapids, MI

Randy Mosher offers insights and practical tools for recipe formulation based on his long experience in homebrewing and more recently as a team member at two award-winning breweries. Each category of ingredient, especially malt and hops, has its own unique chemistry and vocabulary, and it is essential for brewers to …More

Trouble Shooting Panel

  • Speakers: Gordon StrongJamil ZainasheffJohn PalmerRandy MosherRay Daniels
  • Track: Technical
  • Homebrew Con 2012
  • Bellvue, WA

Join America’s best and brightest homebrew experts as they get grilled with questions both silly and sublime related to bad beers, balky brewhouses, black bocks, bent burners, barley bugs and who knows what else. Come loaded with your own questions and enjoy learning from the experiences of others. Fun for …More