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Lager Brewing Techniques: Fermentation, Decoction mashing, and Hopping

  • Speakers: Ashleigh CarterBob HallJesse Brown
  • Track: Beer Styles
  • Homebrew Con 2020
  • Online

Lager beers require different methods than the more commonly made ales. This talk will discuss the rationale and approaches for these methods and show how they can easily be applied in the homebrewery to make traditional lager beers. We will present three separate, short, linked talks covering fermentation, decoction mashing,…

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Czech Lagers: History, Brewing, Judging

  • Speakers: Bob HallRandy Scorby
  • Track: Beer Styles
  • Homebrew Con 2015
  • San Diego, CA

In this seminar, Bob Hall and Randy Scorby will describe the four “new” Czech styles in the BJCP style guidelines. Czech lagers are more diverse than simply pilsners and range from delicate light lagers to malty and intense dark lagers. Bob and Randy will describe the history of these beers,…

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Brewing Chemistry 101: pH and Buffering

  • Speaker: Bob Hall
  • Track: Technical
  • Homebrew Con 2013
  • Philadelphia, PA

This talk will cover basic brewing and water chemistry. Much of the chemical knowledge needed to understand how water affects brewing can often be daunting. However, words like pH, hardness, alkalinity, temporary hardness and residual alkalinity can be simplified once brewers understand the dual concepts of pH and buffers and…

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